What does the Donauschwaben Wappen symbolize?

The Donauschwaben Wappen (Coat of Arms) is symbolic of the history of the Donauschwaben making it a valuable key to understanding our culture and background.

The ascending eagle holds its wings protectively over the waves of a blue river which divides this coat of arms into two equal halves. The eagle symbolizes Germany, where many of the Donauschwaben people originally migrated from. The river, you may have guessed, is the Danube River--the longest river in all of Europe. In German, the Danube is called the Donau.

The lower portion features the fortress Temeschburg standing in fertile farmlands which was one of the primary attractions to migrating along the Danube River. On the right is a waning moon, symbolic of the retreating Turkish threat. On the left is a rising sun, symbolic of Christianity. The six towers represent the six main regions settled by the Donauschwaben in the 18th century stretching from the Raab River in the northwest to the Iron Gate in the southeast.