Membership Information


Club Culture Brochure


Club Membership Dues

Seniors (62+ years)=$55, Adults (18 yr-61 yr)= $75


All persons desirous of becoming an Active or Passive member shall complete and deliver an application to the Board.  To be eligible for such membership, a person must be:

(a)   Of good reputation; and

(b)   Above the age of eighteen (18) years; and

(c)   Be of German descent or offspring, or married to a qualifying individual; and

(d)   Must be sponsored by an active member. 

Application for Membership

Only Active Members have the right to sponsor new applicants for membership.  A sponsoring member shall be responsible for explaining the basic premise of the corporation, the in effect House Rules, and the in effect By-Laws to the Applicant.

Membership Application Form

Application form in Adobe Acrobat format


 Issuance of Certificates.

When a member has been elected to membership and has paid any initiation fee and dues that may then be required, a membership card shall be issued in their name and delivered to them by the Membership Secretary.

For additional information contact any Carpathia Club board member, or club president, Karin Schwalbe