OUR Story of the Donauschwabens



While this scene is what we would like to remember about our past history, it is unfortunately not the total picture of the Donauschwaben past.


Per a request from the Dachverband and our Carpathia Club president, I will be collecting stories from you, our membership. The individual stories in your own words of your life. The changes that WWII brought. The personal account of your family. The fear, outrage and loss that you personally experienced. I am collecting these stories, either on cassette tape or written on paper. Once accumulated, I will pass them on to the Dachverband for possible inclusion in a book or documentary. The people that can discuss the old country are getting fewer and fewer, it is important that the last word on this tragedy belong to those who suffered these awful acts. I hope many of you will be able to participate and share your story. Don't delay another day!


Thank you, Marie Leverenz


You may call me with any questions you may have:                                    (248) 879-5864.

You can mail me your cassette, video or written story:               2929 Chippewa Dr.

                                                                                                            Troy, MI 48085

You can e-mail any questions or e-mail me your story:                 mikeandmariel@yahoo.com

You can leave your story with Adam Medel in his office at Carpathia Club for me to pick up.


Make sure your name, date of birth, and village name is on the story.


(Some suggestions for inclusion in your story are:  Where did you live? Family members. Profession of your family. How many generations of the family had lived in the village. Did any family members leave? What did the Russians and Serbians do? How were the Donauschwabens treated. What happened to family members? Did any family escape? Who were sent to camps? What happened inside the camps? Did anyone escape from the camps?)